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Guillaume Caggia, Software Engineer

I am willing to learn everyday

Welcome on my Portfolio, I'm Guillaume, Software Engineer currently living in Sydney, Australia.
I discovered computer science during my studies at the university. At that time, I wanted to become a mathematics teacher. So I started a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science. First time I coded, it was to solve the famous equation Δ = b² - 4ac . So, I wrote my first algorithm in C and I realised all the potential of computer and algorithms. That's the reason why I became a developer.
My philosophy is to learn new things everyday. I like also thinking about the future, what will be the next Google ? How algorithms and web applications can help people and be useful ?

My Skillset


HTML – CSS – SASS – Bootstrap – JavaScript – jQuery – Webpack – VueJS – React


Ruby / Rails – PHP / Laravel / Phalcon – NodeJS / Express – JAVA – C – Apache2 / Nginx


Bash – Python – Jenkins – Ansible – Docker – Git / GitFlow – Bitbucket

Cloud Platform

Google Cloud / GAE / GCE / Cloud SQL / Stackdriver – AWS / EC2

Data Science

SQL – PL/SQL – Metabase – Pentaho ETL – Python / Jupyter / NumPy / Pandas


MySQL – PostgreSQL – SQL Server – MongoDB – Redis – MS Access

Protocols, Network and security

HTTPS – TCP/IP – Firewall – Reverse Proxy – Cloudflare

Operating Systems

Linux – MacOS – Windows

IDE & Business Tools

IntelliJ IDE – VS Studio Code – Jira – Confluence – Slack – Ms Excel

Portfolio Projects

Notary Near Me

Notary Near Me is a web Application to find and locate a notary in Australia. The application provides also a way to book a notary directly.

Laravel Vue.js Javascript Google Maps API Amazon EC2 Vagrant Bootstrap HTML/CSS PHP MYSQL jQuery

See the project

Paoua is an e-commerce website coded in php from scratch. It was my IT bachelor degree project. We created a MVC architecture for this project

HTML CSS PHP MYSQL Javascript jQuery MVC organisation

See the project


laraforum is a basic forum Web Application using Laravel. People can register, login/logout and follow topics on a specific channel.

Laravel PHP MYSQL HTML/CSS SASS Bootstrap jQuery Javascript Amazon EC2 Vagrant

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Bonzaview Bed & Breakfast Booking

Bonzaview is a website coded in native PHP. I worked on this website to reorganise the code following procedural organisation. I recoded the back-end part, especially functionalities to manage current bookings, using jQuery UI Calendar and Ajax. I created a gift voucher feature and payment process using Stripe. I used Vagrant and VirtualBox for the development environnement.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MYSQL Javascript jQuery Apache2 Linux Vagrant cPanel Stripe

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Timestamp Microservice

This simple Timestamp webservice converts time in different formats. It is coded in Node.js. Node.js is great for API which asked quick answer of the server.

HTML5 CSS3 Node.js Bootstrap

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Idnove PHP

Idnove PHP is a tchat web application used to communicate. It is coded in native PHP and follow an MVC organisation. I think it is very interesting to code an tchat app, because to realise it, we need a real-time functionnality. In native PHP, the only way is to query the database every seconds using AJAX GET Request.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MYSQL Javascript jQuery Apache2 Linux GIT MVC architecture

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I coded this website using Wordpress. I developed a new theme from scratch. I used Boostrap for a responsive design.

Wordpress HTML5 CSS3 PHP MYSQL Javascript jQuery Linux Vagrant cPanel

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I used Wordpress and integrated an existing design to create this website.

Wordpress HTML5 CSS3 MYSQL Javascript jQuery

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Random Quote Machine

This simple application display a random quote using an API. It is coded in javascript & jQuery. To request the API, I used jQuery Ajax functions.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Javascript jQuery

See the project

The Sydney Notary

I developed a new theme from scratch. I used Boostrap for a responsive design.

PHP Wordpress HTML5 CSS3 MYSQL Javascript jQuery Vagrant

See the project

Show the Local Weather

Local Weather is a simple application to know what is the current weather. It used weather and IP API to locate visitors.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript jQuery Bootstrap API

See the project


Astroclub is an astronomy blog. I coded it to learn how to develop a MVC framework from scratch. Before using famous framework like Symfony, Laravel, Zend, I think it's very important to understand how a MVC framework works. That was the purpose of this website. I used native PHP to do it.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MYSQL Javascript jQuery Apache2 Linux GIT MVC architecture

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